Begin with a Brushstroke, End with a Breakthrough


March 13 - 15, 2024 | ONLINE | 11 - 1.20pm Daily (PST) | 2 - 4.30pm (EST)

Join Women Like You to Learn How to Use Brushstrokes to Get Unstuck, Heal From Past Pains, and Hear From God, Even if You Have Never Held a Paint Brush Before!

Imagine a quiet space where your canvas listens and your brush speaks—the voice of the Holy Spirit guiding each stroke.

Welcome to the "Whispering Colors 4-Day Challenge," an online life-changing soul painting workshop where art and prayer intertwine, offering you a gateway to divine conversation. In just four days, you can move from questioning your creative worth to confidently expressing your innermost conversations with God on canvas. You go through 2024 on a strong note and make it your best year yet.

Pricing Designed for You:

Individual Registration

$250 $127 for complete access.

Group Registration

$380 $289 for Group of 3

save 30% more

Limited Spots, Unlimited Growth:

With only 50 seats available, this intimate workshop is a beacon for those seeking growth, healing, and divine connection through art.


Here’s What You Can Expect by the End of This 3-Day Life-Changing Experience


Real People! Real Transformation!!

See the stories of lives touched by Shellise's guidance – from silence to symphony, from pain to paintbrush - women like you who have found joy through soul painting.

Cynthia E.

“What a great experience! I really enjoyed the Soul Painting process, and learned a lot along the way. Shellise is an excellent coach; she provides gentle and knowledgeable guidance. I was hesitant - even anxious - about trying this, since I have never been able to draw or paint a "good" picture, but Shellise's relaxed and supportive manner calmed me. Imagine my complete surprise at seeing the images and message that came through to me, and the end result that I can share or just reflect on! I highly recommend Shellise's painting workshops and the Soul Painting process for absolutely anyone. We all need creative outlets of some kind, and this was surprisingly fun."

Princess McK.

“Shellise Berry’s calming voice, her knowledge of art, love for colors, and love and dedication to painting helped my soul to calm down and paint through all of my life's woes! As a result, I became happier that day and felt so accomplished of what I actually painted! She helped me realize, through her teaching, that life is still a joy! I Love Soul Painting and highly recommend it to all that wants to calm their soul"

Breana G-F.

“Last night was an experience. It was not just a works shop, not just painting, it was therapy. I enjoined how she incorporated the word, the meaning and expression, especially through God. I want to say thank you again for the opportunity. Also specifically thank you for guiding us to release and give thanks. Sometimes we get caught up in our head and the word we do not just be. We also do not listen to him. This session made me hear clearer than I have in a very long time. Something I have been yearning and praying for. You are truly a vessel, and to many more ! Thoroughly enjoyed it "

By Joining This Challenge, You'll Also Get Exclusive Access to These 6 Sweet Bonuses That Will Bless Your Jouney (Value $592). Today- FREE

Lifetime Access to Workshop Recording

Revisit the workshop's lessons whenever your soul seeks guidance.Value: $247 (Yours FREE)

Comprehensive Workbook

Continue your practice and self-discovery with a guide that accompanies you every step of the way.

Value: $17 (Yours FREE)

Art Supply Starter List

Begin with all the necessary materials, specially selected for your artistic adventure.

Value: $17 (Yours FREE)

Tech Setup Guide:

A step-by-step guide to setting up your space to ensure your virtual experience is seamless and enriching.

Value: $17 (Yours FREE)

FREE Merchandise Design

Get your artwork designed on one of our merch so you can wear your work with pride.Value: $47 (Yours FREE)

Personalized Feedback Sessions

Share your progress in one-on-one sessions with Shellise after the workshop and get personalized feedback

Value: $247 (Yours FREE)


Here's a recap of everything that comes

with your registration today

  • Four Days of Live, Online Guidance: "Dive deep into soul painting with live, daily sessions that are as personal as they are powerful.
  • A Curated Art Kit List: "No guesswork here. You’ll get a shopping list of everything you need, simple and affordable.
  • An Intimate Group Setting: "With just 50 spots, you'll have the space to be heard, seen, and supported.
  • Whispers of Colors Workbook: This isn’t just another notebook. It's your personal guide to keep the conversation with your canvas going.

  • Bonus #1: Lifetime Workshop Access: Miss something? Want to revisit a lesson? It’s all yours, for life.
  • Bonus #2: One-on-One Feedback Sessions: After the workshop, sit down with me, and let’s talk about your art, your progress, your questions.
  • Bonus #3: Exclusive Merchandise: Wear your art with pride with a custom-designed piece from your very own creations. We will design a merch from your creation which you can print on your own and treasure for life.
  • Bonus #4: Tech Setup Guide: "Worried about the tech side of things? We’ve got you covered with a simple guide.
  • Bonus #5: Certificate of Completion: Show off your achievement with a certificate you can hang right next to your masterpiece.



Secure Your Spot With Confidence

We're committed to your satisfaction and spiritual growth. If you don't find value after the first session, simply email us for full refund of your investment today – no question asked.

Meet Your Workshop Host

Meet Shellise Berry, an artist with a story that inspires and a heart full of faith. Shellise found her strength and healing from cancer not just in hospitals, but in her art studio and the comforting words of her faith. She believes everyone has a story that can transform through color and canvas.

Shellise's paintings are more than just art; they're conversations with the Creator, silent prayers made visible, and joys splashed in vibrant colors. She sees her art as a way to worship and connect with something greater, a step beyond the physical world that touches the soul.

In her workshops, Shellise becomes more than an artist; she's a friend who guides you to find your inner peace and paint it out loud. She's been where you are — looking for a sign, for healing, for a way to express the whispers of the heart. And she's here to tell you: you can find it in the stroke of a brush, in the blend of colors, in the moment your heart speaks onto the canvas.

Join Shellise in the Whispers of Colors Challenge. It's not just about learning to paint; it's about learning to let go, to heal, to find joy and strength through painting and faith, just like she did.

Shellise doesn't just teach painting; she shares a journey of hope, and she's inviting you to be part of this beautiful story. Are you ready to pick up a brush and see where it takes you?

Got Questions?

We Have The Answer

Who is this workshop for?

"Whispers of Colors" is for anyone looking to explore their creativity, find spiritual growth through art, or simply enjoy the process of painting in a supportive, faith-based community. No prior art experience is needed – just an open heart and a willingness to try something new!

What materials will I need?

Once you register, you'll receive a curated list of materials that are affordable and easy to find. This list is designed to ensure you have everything you need to fully participate in the workshop without breaking the bank.

I’ve never painted before. Can I still join?

Absolutely! This workshop is perfect for beginners. Shellise's teaching approach is gentle and encouraging, focusing on the personal journey rather than technical perfection.

What if I can't attend all the live sessions?

No problem. All sessions will be recorded, so you can catch up in your own time. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to these recordings, so you can revisit them whenever you'd like.

What Merch Do I Receive ?

Our design team will take your art creation and customize one of our merch for you. You can then take this design to your printing company or simply order through one of our partner printing companies. You will see your creation come alive and there's no experience more beautiful than this.

How is this workshop different from other art classes?

"Whispers of Colors" is a soul painting workshop that is unique because it combines art instruction with spiritual exploration. It's not just about learning to paint; it's about using painting as a medium for personal growth, healing, and connecting with your faith.

What is the schedule for the workshop?

The workshop spans four days, starting 10th - 13th January 2024. Each day is a two-hour life changing session. We've scheduled it to accommodate most time zones,

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, we offer an early bird discount for those who sign up before November 25th. Additionally, if you sign up as a group of three or more, you'll receive a special group rate.

What can I expect to achieve by the end of the workshop?

By the end of "Whispers of Colors Chellenge, you can expect to have a deeper understanding of how to express your spirituality through art, a new set of painting skills, a finished piece of art that's uniquely yours, and a refreshed sense of creativity and connection to your faith.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We offer a full refund if you find that the workshop isn't for you after attending the first session. We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience.


Barbara K.

"...Your method was a wonderful surprise awaiting even for the seasoned artist ...What a fun difference. Layer upon layer a theme is created. The inner self emerges on the canvas in the most amazing way, in unexpected ways. Really, ANYONE can do this. I truly enjoyed this unexpected journey. I plan to use these techniques again, over & over. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Marylin M.

he painting therapy helped me let go of weight I carried on my shoulders. Shellise engaged with her participants, making the experience fun and full-filling. She was patient and was thorough with her instructions, guiding me every step of the way. I would definitely do it again. I recommend anyone to attend who is seeking to try something new, decompress, or have fun with paint



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